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How Wayne Static of Static-X Stunned Me Into Silence
I have often wondered why the industrial metal sound of Static-X and their contemporaries didn't take over the world. To me it just seemed to be the logical place for metal to go.  I loved Static-X, The Union Underground, and even lighter fare like Stabbing Westward.  Now the man who truly put his h…
Wayne Static Dead at 48
It is with a very heavy heart that I have received confirmation that Wayne Static of Static X was found dead a few hours ago.
FMX Birthday Blast [PIX]
Damn, y'all! That was a great show at Jake's last night! Who just woke up?
Thank you to EVERYBODY who helped FMX celebrate another kickass birthday. If you missed it, you can check out our photos from the Blast right here.
Sir Wayne Static Speaks With FMX [AUDIO]
Wayne Static will play the 'Wisconsin Death Trip' record in its entirety during a run of dates that includes a stop here in the Hub City for part-two of our 33rd birthday celebration.

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