Wes Nessman

I Wanna Be On Jeopardy!
Trust me, I wouldn't last five minute on Jeopardy.  Even without a buzzer I get maybe one out of ten or fifteen questions correctly (or correct ENOUGH) in my book.  The people on Jeopardy are super smart.  These people are like the top 1% of the smartest people in the world.  These people are like t…
The Meaning Of Life Explained
I was driving home yesterday when I stumbled upon "the meaning of life", seriously.  I almost instantly came out with a refined creed for myself, and maybe you, to use as a yardstick on "how you're doing".  I'm just one of those people who perf…
The Ugly Truth About Jewelry [VIDEO]
You don't get "something for nothing" ever.  Not ever.  There's always a catch, a payback or some type of implicit agreement. I think the gift of jewelry is predicated on implied or expressed sexual favors.  Read more after the jump.
The Ugly Truth About Eating Utensils [VIDEO/NSFW]
I taped this one a couple of days ago and I'm still "hot" about the subject matter. Do you every feel like something makes sense to you, but the rest of the world just "doesn't get it?"  I feel that way all the time.
Nightmare On 19TH Street 2011, City Of The Lost Preview
After an absence of several months, I decided to stop in again on the Masters of Horror down at Nightmare on 19th Street. I could not wait to sneak a preview of this years new haunt, City Of The Lost.
This time as I retraced our previous route, I was totally amazed by the incredible landscape that…
Lubbock Is A Great Place To Live
I was going to get a back tattoo that said "Broken" (I'd just suffered a very tragic loss).  I then thought about the psychological weight of having a negative word to carry around. I've changed the idea to another more positive word and I feel much better about the …

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