Dimebag Darrell Takes Us Jellyfishing [VIDEO]
One of my favorite social media tools is Instagram, simply because you can post pictures and 15 second videos for your frinds, fami,ly and followers to see. What I love about my Instagram is it can be a little more salty than what you usually see posted here.
I Am Just Too Damn Ugly For T.V.
It's come to my attention that my blog is the most watched blog by other media in this town. In fact, one particular t.v. station keeps raking it's personalities over the coals 'cause they can't kick out the gems like your boy White Chocolate. The answer to their problems seems…
SPA Mixed Martial Arts Ring Girl Competition
The Rock Show's Heathen and Wes hosted the South Plains Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Ring Girl Competition  held at Bash Riprock's 2 Friday night (1-20-11).  Three rock bands including Somar, Fluid Frequency and Cleanly Ohm kept everyone entertained, but then, so did Heathen and Wes!  I'm just sayin' …
Stop The Drama
Reset your Care-O-Meter.
Life dealt me a pretty rough personal life.   It’s certainly not the level of a starving orphan, but it ain’t all sunshine in my world.    With this is mind, my Care-O-Meter starts tilting with the question “is someone physically hurt or dying?”  Short of that, the drama that…