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Willie Nelson, Snoop , And Fiona Apple Buzz Into Texas
If I were to ask you what do Willie Nelson, Fiona Apple, and Snoop Dogg have in common how many of you would guess they are all singers?  If that is your answer you are partially correct. Believe it or not they have even more in common than that.
Which Rock Star Would You Spend The Day With?
Let's play a game of pretend. You have just been granted 1 wish, but this wish has restrictions. Which "Rock Star" would you spend the day with and why? That's right, your genie will only grant you the wish of spending a day with your favorite "Rock Star"…
Willie Busted
77 Year Old Willie Nelson was busted for about six ounces of weed.  Officers at a border control checkpoint in Sierra Blanca Texas smelled and "odor" and investigated.  Willie told the agents the pot was his.