Thousands of Long-Lost FMX Photos Finally Found
When you think about the history of Lubbock's Rock Station 94.5 KFMX spanning 3 decades, FMX has been apart of some of really cool events, concerts and making people happy. What makes it even better is having pictures to remember said events.
WWE Back In The Hub City
Finally, our bros with World Wrestling Entertainment are coming back to Lubbock! The event is billed as "The WWE Summerslam Heatwave Tour".
Chris Jericho On The RockShow [AUDIO]
We were able to visit with the incredibly talented Chris Jericho on the RockShow. Since it was a Labor Day Broadcast, we wanted to make sure you got a chance to hear it. He's a fun guy.
WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Recap
It's been a month and a half since WrestleMania 29, and it's about time for another WWE pay-per-view.
This month's show pays homage to Paul Heyman's 'Extreme Championship Wrestling', and while all the matches aren't 'extreme', there's always an intens…
Paul Bearer, Manager To The Undertaker: Rest In Peace
Legendary wrestling manager Paul Bearer has died.  Bearer,  who also managed under the name Percival Pringle III, died yesterday at the age of 58.  His real name, William Moody, wouldn't have been a bad one for his character who led The Undertaker along with Mankind, Vader, Kane,…
Kurt Angle: The Lost Olympian
I hope you enjoyed your little "Olympic Games". While you watched the games, a great American was stuck in the stands shedding a little tear at the opportunies that passed him by. I'm talking about professional wrestler Kurt Angle. Angle, who planned on competing for America in freestyle…

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