Thousands of Long-Lost FMX Photos Finally Found
When you think about the history of Lubbock's Rock Station 94.5 KFMX spanning 3 decades, FMX has been apart of some of really cool events, concerts and making people happy. What makes it even better is having pictures to remember said events.
Shinedown Sing Happy Birthday To Fan At Lubbock Show[VIDEO]
I got a very nice message from a girl, I believe from Amarillo who was going to be celebrating her birthday at Xfest.  I put her on the meet and greet list for Shinedown so she could have a very special day.  I think the day got a little more special when Brent Smith of Shinedown sang an i…
Xfest 10 Listener Shots [PIX]
Xfest 10 totally rocked! We, on the other hand, we're totally sucking wind and sick. Fortunately at least one listener got us some great concert shot. Our thanks to one of our favorite tattoo artists Robin Burkett and also my friend Al, for the concert shots...
The Real Five: Three Days Grace [VIDEO]
The cool thing about "The Real Five" is it is indisputable. It's the top five most played tracks.  In the instance of today's artist, it proved me completely wrong.  Get "The Real Five" from Three Days Grace after the jump.
Lubbock Featured In New Halestorm Video “Freak Like Me” [VIDEO]
Yes that is Lubbock, Texas, and the Ampitheater in the new Halestorm video. In fact, I fell and laid near paralyzed from the pallet in front of those electrical boxes in the still picture.  You'll also see on stage shots where you can see the easily identifiable back of the metal Amp stage…
Score A Cool FMX 2013 Concert Poster
We have some very limited edition posters that bring together the Big Three shows we have on the way. The FMX Birthday Bash, the FMX Spring Thing & Xfest 10 are all well represented in these very large, very cool posters.  Scoring one is pretty easy too. More after the jump.
Hear Three Days Grace With New Singer Matt Walst [AUDIO]
It's a shocker. Singer Adam Gontier has left Three Days Grace effective immediately. The bands website says he left due to a health issue. Part of this announcement was that Matt Walsh of My Darkest Days will be stepping in as lead singer for the bands tour with Shinedown (he's also the br…
The Real Five: Shinedown [VIDEO]
It's the only list that matters, "The Real Five".  This list is untainted by opinion, it's 100% based on facts and stats.  Do you want to know what the five most played songs from Shinedown are? Well click though!

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