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What Are Your Summer Plans?
With Summer very much upon us and the kids are out of school, we have all year to think about it and when it's finally here what are you plans this Summer with your friends, family?
Kitchen Sink Sprayer Prank [VIDEO]
This past Christmas when my boys were here, I just had to introduce them to some of the best pranks to pull on someone. The first one I had to pull on them was the kitchen sink sprayer prank. You can check it out here.
The Boys Head Back To Wisconsin
I always look forward to the summer, but it is bittersweet. My twin sons spend every summer with me and with Summer coming to an end that means they gotta bail out and head back home to Wisconsin.
Spring Cleaning Leads To Hidden Treasures
Over the past couple of days I have been cleaning out my back storage building and since the boys are here for the Summer I decided to have them help me out. But after a few boxes were pulled out the work came to a stop after we found a hidden treasure.