I am not the hugest football fan, but I know a quality product when I see one.  There are a bunch of Raider-haters and fair weather fans out there. I don't think they even have a clue what an incredible job this team has done so far.

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Texas Tech is 7-2.  I want you to think about the last 9 times you went out to dinner.  Was your experience perfect 7 out of those 9 times?  Now let's continue this analogy.  Do you think your dinner would have been perfect 7 out of 9 times if the chef and all the people who help him and you were brand new?  Oh, it get's better.  What if the chef was still using ingredients ordered by the previous chef?

Tech lost to OSU.  Get over it.  People seem to forget that OSU was ranked #18. This wasn't a pushover team. They got on is, and didn't let up.  Here's something else you might not like to hear-it's going to be VERY hard for Tech to win ANY of their remaining games.  Next up is Kansas State and from what I've read, they're a pretty tough defense. From there it's Baylor and Texas.

At the end of the day we have a fun, fast paced football team that is working miracles in a first year situation.  We won't even really know what this staff is made of for a couple more years.  Right now I'm pretty proud to live in Raider Country.