Do you think this might be getting a little out of hand? Now we're seeing clown masks being pulled from stores.

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USA Today is reporting that Target is pulling some clown masks from both their stores and online selections. Are you kidding me here?

The whole "Creepy Clown" thing is a fad based on...well, nothing. There are no roving gangs of clowns, clown pedophiles in the woods or anything other than a few knuckleheads looking to spook their friends.

It's just hip or kitsch to join in on this fad with A) Clowns scare me, B) I'll kill one if I see one, or C) I'm a clown and I'm proud.

Are we really having this discussion here? Are we really pulling clown masks from stores? It all leads me to ask, what's next? I'm certainly not one to buy into slippery slope arguments, but if clowns are off limits this year, what kind of mask will we be talking about next year? I personally find those horse head ones creepy, so maybe next year will be the year of the "Creepy Horse" or "Possessed Pony."

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