Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless recently called into The Midday Meltdown. This is the fourth part to the interview. Taylor Momsen discusses drinking in Europe and how she has taken it down a few notches.

The 34th Annual FMX Birthday Bash is 5 days away and with the lineup set we are very stoked to get this started.

I asked Taylor Momsen if she had been given any advice from anyone about hangovers and drinking.

"I probably partied more when I was younger, the drinking age was 16 - 18 in Europe," Momsen said, admitting she's calmed down quite a bit since then.

She also talked about how for her it's now all about giving the best performance possible.

"It's really about putting on the best show possible, that's the goal," she said.

Check out part 4 of my Taylor Momsen interview and get ready for the 34th Annual FMX Birthday Bash this Sunday, April 19.