So last night at The Grammy's Taylor Swift and the people sitting around her got a little to excited when they announced the winner for Record Of the Year, what the funny thing is she didn't win. She jumped the gun just a little bit as well as the people sitting around her.

If there was a penalty given out at award shows for thinking you have won an award but they call a different name and you jump the gun a little bit penalty's should be given out.

Now let's keep it real just for a little bit, Taylor Swift has won just about every award conceivable and has awards created for her. She is a very talented young woman and has done many man things to benefit different charities.

The one thing that does bother me when she does win these awards is she does this stupid "O" face acting like she is surprised to win these awards. I feel like when you are are as huge as Taylor Swift you get a year to act surprised after that and you keep winning awards just smile and say thank you.

Her album "Red" was nominated for record of the and as well as Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories" I guess the R's threw her off just a little.

Checkout this video and watch Taylor and her people jump the gun just a little bit.