Here's how politicians get you (on both sides). They find something to scare you, then they offer themselves as the solution. Please go back and read that again.  It's very important that you do remember this every time you hear on of them using the word "threatens" especially.

Alex Wong, Getty Images

Ted Cruz is so hated by his own party now that he has to be extreme to get attention.  Out of NOWHERE he introduced legislation to "Stop the Obama administration from forcing gay marriage on all 50 states". 

Man I don't even hardly know where to start with this nutball.  I haven't seen anybody being "forced" to do anything.  It's also not "gay marriage".  It's equal marriage rights for everybody.  The first clue that Cruz's bill is hateful is it doesn't "protect" anything, it keeps a certain group from being treated like everyone else.  I could put a five year old on the supreme court and they'd strike his stupidness down.

It seems he's upset because he the U.S. started extending federal benefits to gay couples. Do you hear what he's mad at here?  He doesn't think a gay mans boyfriend should be on his insurance.  It's as simple as that. It isn't about "giving" anybody anything, his goal is to "keep" things from some people.

There is something even far worse than homophobia or bigotry here, it's a weasel who is WILLING TO USE homophobia and bigotry for political advantage.  Now if you're a political conservative you're probably all red faced, pissed and can't wait to write "I'm never listening to you again" on the blog.  Seriously?  I am telling you that you can do much better finding someone who represents your interests than this guy. He is resorting to manufacturing a "crisis" to further his political career.  This guy isn't just a bad congressman, this latest move makes him a genuinely bad person.