I am still amazed at the way some sheeple defend Texas Tech even when we're in the wrong. At issue is the "vandalism" of the A & M team buses.  Read more after the break.

On of the A & M staff tweeted that the buses had been vandalized and one had animal excrement smeared in it.  It turns out the paint was washable (probably shoe polish) and the substance was fish bait. Now people are calling him a "liar" and jumping on him for starting a "hoax".  Wow.  He didn't take time to send all the substances to CSI Lubbock before tweeting.  I hardly think that makes him a liar and I KNOW it doesn't put us in the right.

My point from the beginning is that it's a SIGN of bad sportsmanship and that a class University would have stepped up from the very start and said, "this is not how we should behave".  This is not what I've come to know as "West Texas Hospitality".  I know the tellers in our banks (who fly Tech colors) and the checkers in our supermarkets treat our out of town guests with a smile. I know our restaurants value their business and don't leave them to sit and wait because they are wearing a different color t-shirt than our own. Let's also not forget that A & M is a Senior Military College. We should treat them with a degree of respect due to the fact that many of these people will be serving the United States of America in the armed forces.

I had quite a fun little thread going on with some of the "lunatic fringe" who think this kind of pranksterism is acceptable and it ended with them saying I should be fired for picking on fine West Texas folks.  I think fine West Texas folks should fire the people who don't treat our guests with hospitality and good manners.  We've seen several instances in the pro ranks where a fan from the opposing team was beaten nearly to death.  Yes, that's a big leap from where we're at, be we have to be judicious in our school spirit now in order to prevent things from getting out of control later.

To sum it all up: Save it for the game on Saturday.