We all have a friend or relative who was obviously "born gay".  They were, are and always will be that way.  Well, now officially the Texas Republican party had made "treating" homosexuals part of their platform.

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Sound crazy enough to you?  The actual wording of the new campaign platform  supports "reparative therapy and treatment for those patients seeking healing and wholeness from their homosexual lifestyle." Crazy much? It flies in the face of science too. The American Psychiatric  Association has condemned these types of treatments. Plus the real danger here is similarly insane parents using this as a loophole to have their gay kids committed.

I realize that I'm  in "conservative country", full of "biblical values" and people who just don't understand people who aren't like them.  This still HAS TO STOP.  Your Republican party, what used to be MY Republican party has been poisoned by fanatics using the language of hurt and not of help. I know you're not going to change your core values, but it's time you speak up and let your representatives know that this is simply reprehensible and hurtful language.

Now, some of you want to rush to your computers because thinking about this is a bit too much for you. Your response is to say "stick to the music".  Okay, how about this?  How about a world without Freddie Mercury? Rob Halford? And I've got news for you, more your favorite hard rock/metal singers are also gay.  They can touch your deepest emotions and help you through the hardest times, but they can't be themselves because of crap like this.

There is absolutely no freedom if your not free to do what you want with your own person. This is absolutely, positively no different than medieval superstitions against left handed people.  Gay teens are FIVE times more likely to attempt suicide.  It's because of irresponsible language and fear mongering like this. This isn't just bad party politics, it's inhumane behavior, homophobia and an embarrassment to the Lone Star State.