I have a few problems with Rick Perry, but I have WAY less problems with him than with the "crazy wives club". Insiders are saying that Rick Perry will announce his intention to enter the Presidential race this Saturday.

Could the phrase "President from Texas" be coming back?  Rick Perry is being seen by many as the man who could bring the Republican party the White House in the next election. In our uber-dumb pretty much two-party system it's hard to find one party that you agree with entirely and Perry just may be the ticket. Like many Americans I get the feeling that for whatever reason, stuff is not working. I'm not going to say one side is right or wrong, let's just say that the current combination isn't getting it done. It's like those jars of peanut butter and jelly together that the used to (do they still?) sell; it seems that the two would work together, but it just tasted funky.

So, if I decide to go Republican, I would rather have a Perry/Romney ticket (that's how I think it'll break out...Perry for President, Romney for V.P.) than have either Sara Palin or Michele Bachman part of any bill. Don't get me wrong, I think Perry has some REALLY bad ideas, like a national law against gay marriage, but I don't think he'll mean the end of western civilization like the other two.