The Texas Hippie Coalition is off for tonight's show.  Founding member John Exall is suffering a very serious health issue.  A statement from the record company follows:

THC, Carved Records

We received this statement from Carved Records late last night:

THC family and friends: John has had to be hospitalized for pneumonia and a severe infection on his left lung. He will be held for at least three days while his doctors work to get him healthy. Unfortunately this means we have to cancel our show tomorrow in Lubbock. We sincerely apologize, but have to make John our priority right now. You can still catch Saliva and Wayne Static tomorrow night at Jake’s Backroom.

 Take a little time today if you could, and say a prayer for our Brother John. Lots of love from the COALITION will help him through it. Thanks to all of you for your understanding, and we'll see you soon.

Everyone at FMX wants to wish John a speedy recovery.  At this time we don't believe any band will be filling in for THC.  The lineup will be We Are Riot, Wayne Static and Saliva.