It may be the third single from "Peacemaker" but this very well may be the best one.  Texas Hippie Coalition and Big Dad Rich are Lubbock favorites and they've got a great jammin' song that they've just released to radio. This track is sure to please on the radio and DEFINITELY going to be the highlight of their live shows.

Texas Hippie Coalition is both one of the best and worst named groups.  There's nothing "Hippie" about the guys.  What it apparently really is about is getting those "T.H.C." initials (which are the initials for the active ingredient in pot). I personally didn't care for the first two singles from Peacemaker (it didn't keep us for playing them, I just wasn't a fan), this third single rocks though.  To me this is a worthy follow up to the song that made me like the guys,  "Pissed Off And Mad About It".  Here's the lyric video for the new track and a little old school while I've got you here.