OK, my guess is by now most of you have heard about this, the guy is a Judge in Rockport, Texas (Aransas County)who beat his daughter with a belt for over 5 minutes because she downloaded illegal music onto his computer. Let me first say I have not seen the entire video, nor do I care to, what I did see of it did look like the guy beat the hell out of his kid.

After watching the video clips and the interview with the daughter and the ex wife it is pretty clear that the entire family is extremely dysfunctional and they all need help.

I have a few problems with this whole issue, one is the timing and the way this girl went about getting this news out to people. Why now? Why 7 years later?

Next is why is it on youtube? Why not take the video to the police or family services or some other agency?

I am not an advocate of spanking, but how a parent decides to discipline their children is their business, if it crosses the line; as this clearly did, then there needs to be action and consequences immediately, seven years after the fact when the person is grown and living on their own the person needs to distance themselves from the parent if they choose, and without a doubt, get some counseling.

There has to be more to this story than has come out so far.

Kids.... don't steal music or videos, parents, if they do take the computer, ground them, and make them delete the stuff don't beat the *hit of of them.

seems like common sense to me.....

Checkout this link if you want to get read more about this stroy.