Texas Tech is scheduled to launch what they believe is the first school owned food truck in the Big 12.  I just love this.  Of course, colleges should push innovation, but it is always more noticeable when Tech acts on something that the community or city government has refused to act on.   The most notable example of this is the United Spirit Arena.  Tech waited until a citywide effort for a new arena failed, then said heck with it, we'll do it ourselves.

Food trucks were recently all the talk, then nothing.  Now Tech is stepping up to take care of it's students itself.  Check out the press release next.

Getty Images "Not The Actual Tech Truck"

Here's the press release:

Texas Tech Unveils New Food Truck

First, school-owned food truck in the Big 12 Conference ready to serve Red Raiders.


WHAT:           StrEat food truck reveal


WHEN:           11:30 a.m., Monday (Aug. 4)


WHERE:         R-7 parking lot, located between Texas Tech’s Administration Building and Student Union Building


A growing trend in major cities and the food service industry is the emergence of food trucks. Following this movement, Texas Tech University’s Hospitality Services will unveil its first food truck on Monday (Aug. 4). This is the first food truck to emerge on a university campus in the Big 12 Conference.


A ribbon cutting for the StrEat food truck will take place at 11:30 a.m., and the truck will provide samples of some of the menu items immediately after. Hospitality Services officials along with Texas Tech President M. Duane Nellis will participate in the ribbon cutting.


The StrEat food truck is a mobile extension of the established retail location in the Student Union Building but will feature a different menu. Hospitality Services Executive Chef Dewey McMurrey created a unique menu with options full of a variety of flavors. To keep the menu fresh and flexible, there will be a blend of new items added to the menu monthly. 

Okay Texas Tech.  I think this is great, but that is the WORST, MOST HOKEY name for a food truck ever.  Can we get something a little younger, a little hipper?  How about "The Red Raider Meatwagon" or something?  Okay, maybe naming one isn't so easy, but "StrEat" is hard to read, weird to say and hard to describe.  Don't you guys have a marketing school over there or something?