I don't think it's a secret that all of us were down when Tuberville hit the Hub.  I wish Marty McFly could go "Back To The Future" and erase that little downer from time.  Then again, it led us to where we are today.  Texas Tech is 7-0.  I don't care who they've played, or who they haven't played, it is a phenomenal start and they deserve credit for it.


I'll go one better and say that Texas Tech Football puts an exciting "product" on the field.  They have an awesome team to root for win or lose, because you know they have the capability to turn on a dime.  There's always going to be "big plays" and "big drama" when Texas Tech hits the field.

Yeah, it's going to be tough going. #15 Oklahoma on their home turf is almost asking the impossible, but I really doubt anyone at Tech is intimidated right now. Also coming up are nationally ranked teams OSU and Baylor.  Let's also not forget that there is a shattered, but very pissed off Texas team to close out that year that is capable of greatness on any given night.

Let's all keep in mind that all of this is coming under a first year coaching staff.  When recruits see the type of football played at Texas Tech and the type of young energized coaching staff we have, that we should pull even better players in the future.

So, you may be a burnt orange or Aggies fan. You may not even care about football, but Texas Tech deserves your respect.  Now.....can we puh-leeze, come up with a better slogan that "Wreck 'em"?