40 days. 40 days away from Texas Tech football, ladies and gentlemen. A little less than six weeks, and we'll be hearing whistles blowing, linemen grunting, and shoulder pads popping. It's a truly beautiful time of year, and an especially good time to be a Red Raider.

Kicking off the Big 12 media day week was Kliff Kingsbury fielding questions at a press conference earlier Monday at lunchtime. You can view that press conference right here.

Coach Kingsbury opened up, saying running back Kenny Williams is "one of the team's best players" and that it's okay if he plays on both sides of the ball. He also complimented Davis Webb, saying he's the "hardest working quarterback" he's worked with and coached. Coach K is hoping the returning players will ride the momentum wave from last season's huge Holiday Bowl win over Arizona State. It'll certainly be tough to replace NFL-bound tight end Jace Amaro, but the Red Raiders have no lack of speed and prowess at the receiver position.

We're all excited for Phase 2 of the Kingsbury Saga, and as he said himself Monday afternoon, "we'll see how it shakes out."