Okay, this isn't too cool. This is the fight between a Lady Raider and a football prospect. I can see how you may say that they're both in the wrong, but my personal feeling is the guy is REALLY in the wrong.


I think people in Lubbock will dissect this video like the Zapruder film.  It's a little hard to tell how hard Amber Battle tags this guy, but Nigel Bethel II really hauls off and really smacks her. What really bothers me is it didn't seem to be just an "instant of self-defense". It looks more like he thought about it for a second, then popped her.  Bethel has been cleared of criminal charges, and in a weird move, the grand jury recommended to Tech that he be given back his scholarship (as if that part of it is any of their business). I don't know about you guys, but if a lady punched me, the most she MIGHT get is a hard push away, not a full on Mike Tyson knockout punch.  Sorry, I was just raised that way.

For it's part, Tech just released the video.