Texas Tech has voted for a 5.9 increase in tuition and fees.  My salary didn’t go up 5.9% did yours?  Read more after the jump.


Check it out.  Your dollar at Texas Tech will no cost you about a buck six.  But let’s be more precise. $10 at Texas Tech will now cost $11.59 or $100 will now cost you $115.90.  Now, I did all that math without a college education.  Pretty cool huh.?


Now onto some Texas Tech math and cyphering.  Official estimate the increases to cost students $252 per semester, for an estimated cost of $9,065 annually for 30 semester credit hours.


Now let’s look at this at real student terms.  At eight bucks an hour, a student will have to work another 31.5 hours to make up the difference (or beg daddy, really, really hard).

But how does it affect partying?  I hoped you ask.  Let’s also say beer and ice and the gas to get to the store runs about $30, this would mean about 8.4 cases LESS of beer a year.  It also goes almost without saying that the student would also get about 25 less dime bags of pot.  That pot is going to make you hungry.  You would have to do without pizza and soft drinks (about &15) 16.8 times per semester.  But what about sexy time?  Let’s assume condoms run about fifty cents, with this figure a student will have to get laid 504 less times a year.  Going solo?  At two bucks a bottle, the student will get 126 less bottles of hand lotion (fortunately one bottle of lotion goes a long way).


Tech had to make the move after state budget cuts.