You may've read that headline and said "Driver, you're crazy, there's just no way Texas Tech can get into the College Football Playoff!" That's what you think, but I think you're wrong and here's why.

First things first, everyone: this team is hungry.

After a quarterback carousel started the season off on an awkward foot, Davis Webb emerged as the number one guy. However, it was too little, too late and the team finished 0-5 after a very promising 7-0 start and a #10 ranking. Injuries didn't help, but your team, as a whole, is only as good as your second string; that's the reality of any sport, really. Texas Tech lacked the depth needed on defense and simply struggled against a very good Big 12 conference. Sure, they had some great outings; the Oklahoma game and the first half of the Baylor game are proof that they could hang with anyone, for at least some time.

But all that up there, that's last year. Kingsbury and company are on a new mission, and with only one unsung giant in the Big 12 this year, Oklahoma, Tech is in a great position to be that dark horse that it's always been and vie for a playoff spot.

Insane? Maybe. But this is college football. Don't tell me you saw Central Florida not only going to a BCS bowl last year, but outshooting Baylor, yes Baylor, in a 52-42 showdown.

As stated earlier, this Texas Tech team is hungry, and that hunger starts on the offensive side of the football.

Davis Webb gets the chance to truly prove himself from game one, and with a myriad of playmakers, including senior receivers Bradley Marquez and Jakeem Grant, you may see the most dynamic pass attack in the country. That shouldn't be a surprise to any of us, really.

Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The defensive unit has the bulk of the question marks, though. Can the five returning starters and new JuCo kids step up and take Tech to that next level defensively? Is there enough depth to handle any amount of injuries? Injuries tore up the defense last year, simply put. However, defensive coordinator Mike Wallerstedt certainly endorses nothing but full faith for his men, so maybe we all should too.

The true goal and the key to getting to that elite college football level is winning those key and elite games. Texas Tech has to beat one of the strongest Oklahoma teams we may ever see here in Lubbock, along with Texas. The Red Raiders also have to travel to Stillwater and Manhattan and get huge wins there over Oklahoma State and Kansas State. Arkansas is obviously the biggest non-conference game, but Tech can't fall into any traps and simply take care of business. Those, in my opinion are the most important games. It all does come down to the end though. Granted Texas Tech takes care of teams like Kansas and Iowa State, they still have to play Baylor in what could be (and probably will be) a vitally important bout with postseason implications.

I don't believe the team will have to be spotless. If they do indeed fall to Oklahoma or Baylor, there may still be some chances for a conference title, but those would undoubtedly be very slim.

All in all, it's not rocket science, it's simply going out every single week, putting your best individual effort and team effort on the field, and firing on all eight cylinders.

If Texas Tech gets those key wins and shows the world they've grown up from recent pasts, you may just see that scarlet and black playing for the conference title, if not something more...