As you may have heard on the RockShow this morning, TexDot is relaunching "Don't Mess With Texas" 27 years after it began.  In store are a new, hipper logo and 300 new trash barrels.  300.  Seriously?  I guess 300 is better than none.  Anyways, that wasn't the BIG news, the BIG news is that I was in one of the original "Don't Mess With Texas" videos.  If you think you handle this epic moment, then click through.

My partner and I were doing morning in Austin radio when we got invited to a shoot at the Austin City Limits soundstage for a Joe Ely "Don't Mess With Texas" video.  Now, I don't think you can ever see my ugly mug in this video, but you can see my hands over and over.  Since I was the tallest guy at the shoot, the director moved me around twice so the shadow of my hands clapping would be seen.  Yes, when you see shadowy hands clapping in front of Joe Ely's face, those are mine.  I was first standing in the "Gulf Of Mexico" region, then they reset me where Oklahoma would be.  After the shoot we were all given 'highway patrol' style sunglasses that had "Don't Mess With Texas" imprinted across the mirrored lenses.

If you'd like to see the full video, it's right here: