I guess at this point you can't be anywhere around Lubbock without being face to face with a "Jesus Tattoo" billboard.  The company that put these billboards up wants to remain anonymous, but we get to be the brunt of jokes because of it.


The people behind these billboards are/were looking to "energize a Christian base" and are getting very mixed results.  Instead we get the old "wink-wink, nudge-nudge" from news sights that don't want to step out and call the whole campaign dunderheaded.  The latest to pitch in is MSN.

Those of you who are my personal friends know my real feelings on the topic, but simply put we have a character from a book that specifically bans tattoos, all tattooed up. It's a desperate attempt to get back people that they've already condemned.That's my feeling on this campaign. If you want to be controversial, if you want to take a stand. Own it.  This is like a kid poking another random kid with a stick and running away.