Of all the holidays I have to say Thanksgiving has to be my favorite! Seriously, just think about it, we get the day off of work, get to eat all day, and we get to watch football. It is totally a pass on real life for the entire day. Unless you have to cook or do the dishes, then it is probably just a really stressful Thursday for you.

This year though you gotta put those dishes on hold and check out the halftime show during the Houston Texans and the Detroit Lions because it's going to ROCK, no really, Kid Rock is scheduled to do the halftime show of the game which will take place on Thanksgiving day.

Rock is teaming up with the United Way during the game to help them celebrate their 125th birthday. And it will give Rock a chance to feature his new song "Detroit, Michigan," a song which features several other Detroit big names,  like EmInem, Marvin Gay, and Henry Ford!?

I don't know about you, but that alone makes me want to make sure I have a refill and a plate full so I can actually catch the halftime show of that game!