I am not a big car guy.  I do, however appreciate the classic body styles of the past. I love the old Mustangs, the ancient Ford stepside trucks, the cars of the 'gangster era', the classic "muscle cars".  Above and beyond all of the "classic" body styles was the mid 70's body styles of the Corvette Stingray.  Now, G.M. is reintroducing the "Stingray" name and the new car at least looks worthy of the name.  More after the jump.


So, how about that body style?  It looks tight, right?  At this point the introduction of the Stingray is so new it's hard to even get a ton of pictures of it. What I do have is some videos that were just uploaded over the weekend. I have the actual engineers talking about the car, the cars introduction and a bit of a walk around. What is truly amazing about this new Corvette is they are going to start at about $50K which is pretty cheap for a sports car.  Okay, enough of my jibber-jabber, geek out on the new Corvette now.