The Acacia Strain will be releasing "Money For Nothing" which is a six track compilation of b-sides and rarities which will be released on February 19th.

"Money For Nothing" is a unreleased track and does not have anything to do with the Dire Straights classic but does give a head nod with the characters in this lyric video.


I do love The Acacia Strain and have seen them live here in Lubbock. Here is the track listing for "Money For Nothing" courtesy of BLABBERMOUTH.NET.

01. Money For Nothing (previously unreleased original song from "The Dead Walk" sessions)
02. Brown Noise (2006) (alternate "Dead Walk"-era version of the "3750" song)
03. Global Warning (previously a "Continent" LP-only bonus track)
04. Stay Puft (previously a "Continent" LP-only bonus track)
05. The Hills Have Eyes (2009) (alternate "Pentagon.3" version of the "Wormwood" song)
06. Terminated (2009) (alternate "Pentagon.3" version of the "Wormwood" song)

Check out the video and let me know what you think of The Acacia Strain.