Wanting a band to come play in Lubbock and actually getting a band to come play in Lubbock are two totally different beasts. We always want bands to come play in Lubbock, but there are always things that stand in the way of bringing the bands we want to see. Routing and cost are usually the two biggest factors standing in the way of bringing our favorite bands. That doesn't mean we can't dream just like you though. Everyone at FMX picked the one band they would bring to the Hub City right now, no strings attached. Check out the staff picks for the one band we'd bring to Lubbock this second.

  • Slipknot

    Wes Nessman's Pick

    They cost a lot of money are usually travel on massive tours, but Wes said if he could pick one band it would be Slipknot. We'll throw our horns up for that one!

    Jo Hale, Getty Images
  • Foo Fighters

    Heathen's Pick

    The Foo Fighters were also the Painman's original pick but he changed his mind because of their recent hiatus. No telling if the Foo Fighters will play another show, but the Heathen hopes their next show comes to Lubbock.

    Frazer Harrison, Getty Images
  • The Rolling Stones

    Painman's Pick

    Painman originally wanted the Foo Fighters but decided to go with the Rolling Stones. It would take the perfect storm to bring a band like the Rolling Stones to Lubbock. If they did come, we'd pay whatever the ticket price was, no questions asked.

    Chris Jackson, Getty Images
  • Green Day

    Driver's Pick

    They're one of the hottest bands in the world and they're also the band Driver would want to see come to Lubbock. We promise Billy Joe that if he came to the Hub City to do a show, we wouldn't cut him short on time like at the iHeartRadio festival.

    Christopher Polk, Getty Images
  • Motorhead

    Rooster's Pick

    Rooster's reasoning behind this pick? "It's Lemmy. It's Motorhead." Nuff said.

    Daniel Boczarski, Getty Images
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Dale's Pick

    Our boss made a solid pick with a band that desperately needs to come to Lubbock. The Red Hot Chili Peppers seem to be making a tour of Texas on their latest run of shows, but they keep missing the Hub City. Let's change that.

    Matt Cardy, Getty Images
  • Rage Against The Machine

    Bob W's Pick

    Our digital guy decided to reach for the stars and get a band that plays the least out of everyone on the list. A RATM show in Lubbock might be the sickest show we've never had.

    Frank Micelotta, Getty Images
  • Volbeat

    FMX Listeners' Pick

    Every time we tease a show or announce one the name Volbeat comes up. When is Volbeat coming to Lubbock? Please bring Volbeat. Must have Das Volbeat. It's easier said than done but Volbeat seems to be the one band everyone one wants to bring to the Hub.