I was ridin' dirty through Wal-Marts Pizza aisle when I noticed a woman chucking a bunch of pizzas in her cart.  I was pretty curious, so I had a look and they had Red Barron Supreme Pizzas for $2.94 ( I may be off by a few cents).  Being skeptical I got two more expensive pizzas and a Red Barron to check it out.  More after the jump.

Did you know the "Red Baron" line is sold and serviced by Schwann's?  Being a big fan of Schwann's pizza, I though I'd give one of these $3 pies a go.  First off, these pizza's don't really have a pizzeria taste.  They have a taste that is kind of unique to Schwann's and Red Barron, but it's a taste that I'm a big fan of.  They're also a big value for the money.  I can, on occasion polish off any five dollar frozen pizza with ease.  These pies are really filling and really good.  They are actually a perfect pie for two and of course, you could buy two and feed a family of four for under six bucks.  I got no clue on calories or any of that nonsense, I can just tell you that this will be a taste you'll crave and an unbelievable price.  Munch out yo!