I hate internet trolls.  Now, let me clarify, if you have a vested interest in something and you wish to criticize it, more power to you.  If you're just a dumb-ass intent on being a mean-spirited dumb-ass, then I have a great idea.


So yesterday I had a jerk-wad say something disparaging about he radio station.  At this point I should point out that this person was not smart enough to know what "disparaging" meant.  Then I noticed the guy doesn't even live here. And he couldn't spell. And he thought it was wise to make threats on the computer. And on and on.  I got an idea, if you don't live here, then mind your own business. Anyways, here's my idea:

Instead of passwords computers should come with an I.Q. test.

That's right, it's time to get the idiots off the internet.  You have the right to free speech.  You don't have the right to spread stupid or hate all over the web.  If you're so freakin' dumb that you haven't learned that a little red line (like the one I go under "freakin'") means that something is wrong, you shouldn't have the ability to express an opinion.

I have a second option. Since computers themselves are getting smarter and smarter, how about they just go into a "time-out" mode anytime they sense too much stupid is being put into them? This would be known as the "ass from a hole in the ground-shutdown" feature.

Either possibility sounds like a great idea to me.