People these days are so silly.  There is this "I'm just going to take my toys and go home" mentality.  I find these things say much more about the reader than the writer.  As of right now we've published 17,782 blogs on the KFMX website.  Maybe 50 of those had some type of political or controversial content.  Most of those went by un-noticed and about 25 have stirred some people up.  So, 25 blogs out of 17,462 and you want to get butthurt about them?

I'm referring to the folks who'll say "well, if that's how you feel, I'm just going to find a new radio station".  First off, I have NEVER found a case of someone who was an actual listener saying that.  Of course that doesn't mean there wasn't a few, but I go to the pages of the folks who pull this baby like behavior and guess what I see? Nothing to do with music, nothing to do with our d.j.s, nothing to do with anything resembling the lifestyles of the rest of us, it's usually a bunch of stuff that was anti-whatever-topic-I-was-blogging-about.  Yes, you don't have Sherlock Holmes to figure out that these people went out of their way to come to our page to get their feelings hurt.  Most of these folks don't even live here.

You see, you and me and everybody else have the same problem.  We all think our opinion matters.  It really doesn't.  It's just an opinion, take it or leave it.  It just doesn't matter. I hope every once in a while I write something that inspires people, but that's not something you can do everyday (or at least I can't).

There are 1.79 billion webpages on the internet. If you don't like one, you don't have to be a jerk about it.  Move on and come back later, or don't.