As a horror fan, I have often said to myself, 'where's all the great new characters"?  Why can't Hollywood come up with another Freddy, Frankenstein or Jigsaw?  I think the answer may be "The Collector" from "The Collection".   More after the jump.

Interestingly enough "the Collector" started out (in the writing process) as a prequel for the Saw franchise.  After all, somebody had to go get Jigsaws victims for him.  The writers then decided to go a different way with the Saw back story.

The first "Collector" movie had a great premise. A thief breaks into a house an interrupts a series of murders and "collection".  In this movie the same thief is paid to break into the Collectors lair to save a millionaires daughter.  Apparently in this movie, as you'll see in the trailer, the Collector is even more into killing than every before.  Check it out: