I've got to give credit to KCBD online for this one.  The upcoming "Color Run", in my opinion, is seriously taking advantage of people who register. It may be legal, it may even be obvious, but it is also total b.s.  More after the jump.


So at issue is an additional "$59.95" membership charge (in addition to your entry fee) from a group called "Active".  It's evidently one of those charges that you have to deny, meaning you get charged for it, unless you tell them you don't want.  They say they send out warnings and "are you sure" emails, but many people get confused and think they're just reconfirming their entrance fee in the run.  Okay, that's what you would have found out from the t.v., but how bad is it?  I just typed in "active 59.95" and my Google went WILD with complaints about this practice from all over the country.  Of course, the boss at the Color Run gave the t.v. lip service and said they'd try to be more clear about the charge in the future, but this is something that's been going on at every stop of this run.  This just reeks of a company that knows that this fad of novelty runs are going to come and go quickly so their cashing out as fast as they can.  They know you are gullible; after all they are charging you to throw colored powder at you.  This is sad for all of the people who throw other cool runs (in fact we were going to do a zombie run, but thought the market was over saturated with this stuff).

As I said earlier in the article, all of this may be legal, but it is VERY deceptive.  These people need someone to run a mudhole up and down there rear ends.  I don't think "the happiest run on earth" should end up with questionable bank charges.