I came across this gnarley promo for the COOLEST Cooler on my news feed on my Facebook and if this goes into production this could be one of the sickest coolers ever made.

Just by watching the video you will be hooked I could go on and on about all the features on this cooler but it's better to check out the video for yourself and the awesomeness of this cooler.

There is one little set back to this cooler. It isn't available yet. The COOLEST Cooler is set on a KICKSTARTER program where money is pledged at different amounts and you are promised certain things that goes along with you money that you pledge.

I would love to see this COOLEST Cooler go into production but there are risks when you give money to a KICKSTARTER program. They explain that very well on the KICKSTARTER site which is really cool.

Checkout the the video of the COOLEST Cooler and I hope that we will see this in production very soon.