The movie "The Crow" dropped right when grunge started to heat up. It was the perfect companion piece for the slower, heavier and darker music.  The soundtrack featured Stone Temple Pilots, Nine Inch Nails, Pantera and more.  More after the jump.


There was something about the theme of redemption and life after death that hit a chord with people. Maybe it was just that it was a younger hero in the movie or maybe the fact that he was a wanna be rockstar.  Maybe it was just well written and Brandon Lee brought the movie home before tragically dying on set.  There is just something about this movie that made it more than a movie to many of the people who experienced it.  I remember FMX actually premiered the movie and we had a woman with a real crow out in front of the theater.  Relive a little bit of the film for yourself now, with the scene where the Crow meets Funboy (and the skater girls mom).  This is graphic and contains bad language so be warned: