Man I don't want to write this blog.  I thought maybe a simple Facebook post might be enough to show concern and eliminate knee-jerk reactions to the shootings at a "Dark Knight Rises" screening in Colorado.  As of this writing 12 people have died and 59 were injured when a lone gunman wearing a gas mask entered the theater and began shooting.  More after the jump.

I'm not best source for details on the massacre and in fact, I want as few details as possible. I just want to warn everybody that there are those who, even sometimes unwittingly, will use this situation for all the wrong reasons.  First off there will be gun control people.  Sorry, the "easy" availability of guns didn't make this happen.  The guy could have just as easily run in with gas cans and set people on fire (or used any of a number of heinous ways to hurt people).  It wasn't god or a lack of god that led to these people being killed; they were just people who wanted the sense of community of seeing the movie first with like minded people.  Sorry if I stop here, but these are the two factions, both of which who are themselves divided into two factions that frequently come into play when a tragedy like this happens.  Simply put, some people will call for gun control, and you can bet the douchenozzles from Westboro Baptist will try to attend the funerals for the publicity.

The fact is, crazy is crazy.  You can't predict crazy (well sometimes you can, but certainly not any degree).  A crazy man did a crazy thing.  Something broke in his brain.  It had nothing to do with Batman either (even though he claimed to be the Joker); this guy could have just have easily done this at Spiderman or Madagascar 3.

There are those who are calling for screenings of "The Dark Knight Rises" to be pulled or scaled back because of this tragedy and I believe with all of my heart that this is absolutely, positively the wrong thing to do.  First, it's wrong because these people had so much joy and love in their heart of this character that they were willing to wait in line and stay up until midnight to see it.  Next, it's wrong, because Batman represents triumph over evil.  We need Batman now.  We need him more than ever.