Today was the anniversary of the Newtown school shootings.  26 kids and six adults died.  These were little, little kids and the whole mess was heartbreaking. Before you know it there were people on my Facebook feed saying "just watch, they're going to use this as an excuse to take our guns...".  Seriously, gun nuts not mourning the dead or taking a second to pause, just immediately thinking "how does this affect me?".

I have no problem with you being concerned with your rights. I have a problem that when 32 people die, you don't have the compassion to at least pretend that you care about those killed before you worried about yourself.  Personally, I think we a tragedy of this size happens, ALL options should be looked at.  I seriously doubt that any gun restrictions would have presented this from happening, but we have to stop and at least examine the situation and see if there's anything we can do to stop something like this from happening again.

So, after dealing with selfish dumbasses for a day or two, I dumped all 5000 people from may Facebook feed. One by one.  It was a pain in the butt, there's no mass delete button.  It was originally a RockShow page and we had to move that over to a fan page, so I had been using the page as my own.  Immediately about 2500 people requested to be back on, and then the nonsense started all over. So I dumped everybody again.  I'm now at about 260+ friends and I like talking to like minded people.

It bothers me that nothing has been done in the year since the Newtown shootings, but I don't really have any suggestions on what should be done.  I really don't know, it just seems like we should do something other than just say "too bad" or pretend it didn't happen.

Now before I conclude, notice that NOWHERE did I come out in favor of a ban or even increased regulations on guns in this blog, but it is almost guaranteed that someone with the brains of a piss ant will draw that conclusion in the resulting Facebook comments.

p.s. Since someone always adds it, I'd like to address this sentence "blaming shootings on guns is like blaming spoons on making people fat".  This is one of the most ignorant, ill conceived comparisons EVER.  If a spoon could make you gain 32 pounds in ten minutes, then it MAYBE it could be compared to a gun that could kill 32 people in the same amount of time.