Tonight at 8 p.m. AMC presents the second season of "The Walking Dead". Get ready for 90 minutes of the survivors trying to make a new life among the zombies.  More after the jump.

The Walking Dead t.v. series is loosely based on an incredible series of graphic novels (I seriously recommend you pick them up if you like the t.v. show). The writers are using the novels for "cues" but have already shown that they have no problem inserting completely different story lines (some have been good and some have been bad).  Also, in this series the other survivors that are out there  are the biggest problem.

Probably one of the biggest questions for you is, "am I going to be lost if I start on season 2"?  I would say that you'll be able to pick right up almost instantly.  Tune in or set that d.v.r. for the 90 minute premiere tonight at 8 on AMC.

It was considered somewhat of a "risky" move for AMC to do a continuing series about zombies and that is why only six episodes were made for the first season. What the "suits" need to realize is that there are tons of us horror fans out there, but even then the story isn't about zombies, it's about people surviving an apocalyptic world.  The menace in the story could have been a virus or whatever....