Welcome to the latest edition of The Drag Pit. Every week we will highlight new music from the world of metal and pit them against each other. Cannibal Corpse and Dying Fetus ended up in a dead tie. That means this week we'll show off two new bands. 

This week's match up is between two newcomers. In one corner is Ryan Helm and his new project, Damien Deadson. Damien Deadson will throw down with "The Nothing." It's the opening track from the album A Warm and Dark Embrace, which came out in late January. 

Damien Deadson will take on fellow Drag Pit newcomers, Upon a Burning Body. Upon a Burning Body will bring "Mimic" into the pit to go toe to toe with "The Nothing." "Mimic" is off of Red. White. Green., which came out in early April.

Take a listen to the new songs below and make sure you vote for your favorite in the poll at the bottom. Voting ends on Wednesday, May 16th at Midnight.

The winner will move on to next week's Drag Pit while the loser will be able to redeem himself at a future date. Four wins in a row gets you into the Drag Pit Hall of Fame.

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Damien Deadson - The Nothing

Upon a Burning Body - Mimic