This fine specimen of a young lady might just be the key to world peace. Or, at least, to football fans getting along better.

Here's a young Eagles fangirl doing some kind of dance with a hula hoop wearing not too much clothing. I'm pretty sure even Cowboys fans can get behind this one.

Meet, ah who am I kidding, I don't know her name. But she's obviously worked out quite a talent with a hula hoop.

So yes, young girls everwhere, your current childhood activity can one day become a paying career choice. Ok so you probably won't actually get paid unless you hit the Cirque Du Soleil circuit, but you will definitely be a huge hit with pervy guys like us on YouTube!

(By the way, wait til the video is over to see some of the other amazing hula hoop girls dancing all sexy like for your entertainment.)

Now let's see how many of you listen to the RockShow. If you click the link to the Cowboys up above, you might just get a surprise...One that we mentioned on the RockShow. Enjoy!