My son Gunner fell in love with the latest Elder Scrolls title Skyrim, which was the fifth of the series.The latest edition to the series will be a massive multiplayer experience just like the World of Warcraft and Rift titles possess. The information of the newest edition to the series is quite slim at the moment, but there are a few facts that many people know for sure.

First of all, the game won't be released until next year, which is definitely a bummer. Secondly, the game won't have dragons, which is basically what made the fifth installation Skyrim so popular.

Either way, the game won't disappoint. Bethesda has created a masterful dynasty of open-ended games that allow your character to become exactly who or what you want he or she to be, and the case shouldn't be any different in the latest title.

Check out the trailer to the next title which will be exclusively on the PC...