KCBD reported that Billy Gillispie has the inside track as the head coach for Texas Tech basketball.  Evidently, Tech is looking at just his "W's and not his "D.U.I's".  He's had a number of them, either 3 or 4, I can't really figure out the number from the entry.  If he's cleaned up his act and comes to Tech this could be a fantastic move. If he hasn't cleaned up his act, this is going to be a GIANT black eye for Texas Tech.  I say, give him a chance to prove himself.  If I was him, I'd want this information out now in order to say that "I've changed and I'm ready to move forward".  Hiding this kind of information would only lead me to believe that it's still a problem.  I've grown away from many of my bad habits, maybe the coach has too.

Here's the Facebook page supporting his hiring.

Here's his Wikipedia entry.

Here's a video that kind of makes you want to root for the guy.  Evidently the Kentucky people are such d@cks it makes you want to drink.