We polled you, our loyal FMX fans, through our Facebook page on who the hottest women in rock and metal were, and you sounded off. We heard everything from Lita Ford to Joan Jett to Lzzy Hale. Your voice was loud and it was heard. Here are the five hottest women in rock and metal according to you, our loyal FMX fans.

5. Emma Anzai - Sick Puppies

Emma Anazi of Sick Puppies comes in at #5.This picture is sexy as hell, but she is ten times sexier in real life. Something about a girl and a bass guitar always drive me wild.

Emma kicks off the list and beat out other noteworthy females fighting for the #5th spot including Cristina Scabbia, Amy Lee and even Kathy Bates. If only Kathy Bates (of Misery fame) sang death metal.

Check out this video from Emma Anazi and the Sick Puppies.

Sick Puppies - Maybe

4. Jen Ledger - Skillet

Jen Ledger of Skillet (far right in the photo) comes in on the top 5 at #4. Skillet recently rocked the city of Lubbock at X-Fest back in April and Ledger was the attention of many of the fans in attendance.

Jen isn't the only blonde on the list but she is my favorite on the list. What did you think of Skillet when they played the Hub City and what do you think of Jen?

Check out Jen and Skillet in this video below for the song "Monster."

Skillet - Monster

3. Lacey Mosley - Flyleaf

The lead singer of Flyleaf, Lacey Mosley, is always the center of attention when she takes the stage. Everyone goes to a Flyleaf show for two reasons, the music and her.

She captivates the audience with stories in between song and her energy on stage. She also has a cute smile and a certain vibe about her that drives me wild. You, our FMX fans, made a dynamite choice at #3.

Check out Flyleaf and Lacey in this video.

Flyleaf - All Around Me

2. Lzzy Hale - Halestorm

Coming in at #2 is Lzzy Hale of Halestorm. This picture we have for her drives me wild. Sweaty, rocking and ready to continue to shred on stage. Talk about having to cross your legs when she plays.

Halestorm's lead singer knows how to control the crowd and gives them their money's worth. Both in stage presence and in overall rocking sexiness. Still one spot remains on the top 5 list and she, like Lzzy, have recently played in the Hub City.

First though check out Lzzy in the video for Halestorm's "I Get Off."

Halestorm - I Get Off

1. Maria Brink - In This Moment

Maria Brink from In This Moment is #1 for a reason. She's a knockout. She was the most voted on and most mentioned rocker in the Facebook post where we asked you for hottest women in rock.

Tattoos on a woman drive us wild. Maria has plenty of them to spare. You can see the tattoo's girl in person tonight as a part of the Hell Hath No Fury tour. Tickets can be bought at the door. Show starts at 7, doors are at 6 at Jake's.

Check her out, in all her glory, in this video for "Prayers"

In This Moment - Prayers