The FMX Birthday Bash is a different kind of animal.  We never think of it as a concert, we think of it as a party with great bands.  We were prepared to cancel this years event (I actually have the blog written and didn't publish it)  when we were able to nail down this years acts.  With this in mind, there are two facts that I can tell you about the 'Bash #1. There's always haters because their favorite band or styles aren't represented and #2. We always sell out.

Charley Gallay, Getty Images

We didn't stick around 33 1/3 years without knowing EXACTLY what we were doing.  Past headliners from the Bash range from Stone Sour to Green Jello.  Other headliners were Saliva, Queens Of The Stone Age, Ugly Kid Joe, Sevendust/April Wine and a bunch more. When the 'Bash started, for the first decade or so, we didn't even have bands. We played party games.  Ask your dad about "The Tequila Bat Races", or the insane escapade that was "Bobbing for Wieners in Jello".  All these bands and games that matter and no longer matter did us a great service by performing at THE party of the year and each year they were met with sell-out crowds.

For the record, let's just peek at the Soundtrack for this years Bash by "songs on the radio" Here you go:

Buck Cherry: "Crazy Bitch", "Too Drunk To F", "Lit Up", "Ridin'", "Sorry", "All Night Long", "Gluttony", "Next To You", "Porno Star", "Check Your Head" and "It's A Party".

Scott Weiland:  "Fall To Pieces", "Slither", "Dirty Little Thing" (all as Velvet Revolver, then from STP) "Plush", "Creep", "Dead & Bloated", "Big Empty", "Unglued", "Vasoline", "Trippin' On A Hold On A Paper Heart", "Tumble In The Rough", "Sex Type Thing", "Wicked Garden" "Sour Girl", "Interstate Love Song", "Big Bang Baby" and more.

Frank Micelotta, Getty Images

Puddle Of Mudd: "Blurry", "Control", "She Hates Me", "Spaceship", "Drift And Die" , "Psycho", "Famous", "Spin You Around" (my personal favorite) "Away From Me".

Powerman 5000:  "Bombshell", "When Worlds Collide", "Wild World", "Nobody's Real", "Heroes And Villians", "Supervillian".

Saliva: "Rise Up" (new one), "Redneck Freakshow", "In It To Win It", "King Of The Stereo", "Family Reunion", "Ladies And Gentlemen", "Black Sheep", "Your Disease", "Rest In Peace", "After Me", "Badass", "Razor's Edge"  "Click Click Boom".

The Virginmarys "Just A Ride" (this band is new to America, it's one of the few c.d.s I myself purchased in the last few years..there's also a couple of great songs on it called "Dead Man Shoes" and "Bang Bang Band")

The Hunger:  "Vanishing Cream" (a 90's classic).

Now looking at this lineup of great songs I am amazed that I even let myself be distracted for one second by the haters who wanted to see the latest one or two hit wonder or "something to mosh to".  This is decidedly a show for people who have rocked with us a while and that's exactly what we want out of the FMX Birthday Bash...or in the words of Saliva:

Cause here we come again, everybody get all your friends
And forget the worlds confusion, its a family reunion


Tickets $33 bucks plus service charge and on sale this Saturday.  It's going down 4/19 at the Pavillion at the Lone Star Events Center.  If you want to come, get your tickets early, if you don't want to come, start your pity party now!