What is the Frito conundrum? It's simple-why do they even make regular size Frito's anymore?  Regular size Frito's are of little to no use.  There's structural problems with Frito's that were remedied with Frito's Scoops.


I have another problem with regular sized Frito's, I can't shove them in my mouth hole fast enough, and when I do get a mouthful they cut the roof of my mouth.  There are far too many angles in a big bunch of Frito's going into your mouth at one time; it's a terrifying mouth accident waiting to happen, complete with salt to put on the wounds.  Wait there's more problems here, home come I can't get the few different Frito flavors in the Scoops variety?  Scoops, provide the right serving size to the jam in your face.  Scoop's are thicker, crunchier and I could swear may even be a little saltier.  Regular Frito's are not an efficient use of my time.   In fact, I can't even give it up for regular size Frito's in a Frito Pie anymore, I STILL prefer the Scoops to lovingly cradle that hot chili and gooey cheese.

Lastly, don't bet me started on Frito "Twists"; I'm pretty sure that they are listed in the Bible as "an abomination unto the Lord".  Yeah, there's no real good reason for Frito Twists to exist.  Just put those flavors on my Frito's Scoops please.

I thought you might be in the mood for Frito's after this.  Here's Betty's Kitchen with  snack idea for your football weekend.