A lot of old folks will tell you that 'we've got to get back to basics' and I'm here to tell you we don't. It's 2013. The constitution was written over 200 years ago. Our founding fathers were neither gods nor psychics. They did a pretty good job of outlining the way things should be in our country for a long time, but times are changing.


Every thing is bigger, smaller, faster, wilder than our forefathers ever imagined. When the constitution was written, it was written by hand. Since then we've had the printing press, the typewriter and the computer. When it was written most people still had to hunt for that night's dinner. There wasn't even a thought of the telegraph, radio, t.v. or the internet. They had no idea a weapon could be built that could fire multiple rounds or that a bomb could be built that would pretty much destroy most of a country and render it uninhabitable for decades.

hey would have laughed at paying for water, duckfaces and sagging pants (come to think of it, I laugh at most of those, too).

The point is, maybe it's time for America to come out of it's cocoon and become something bigger, better, sleeker and more adaptable. I personally think the constitution should be stripped down to it's barest elements, each one judged and then ratified all over again. I think our budget should be stripped down to nothing and built back up with proper priorities in place (infrastructure, education, and so on).  Yes, this almost sounds like a "back to basics" type of approach, but our "basics" now are not the same that pilgrims and pioneers had. They didn't need air traffic control or regulation of pharmaceuticals or any of a bazillion other things that didn't exist when people rode horses to work.

Now I have NO FAITH in any of these things happening, but it's what will eventually have to happen. We can either change with the times or we'll crumble and something new will rise up from the ashes.