Anytime you put 30,000 people together you have a microcosm of at least a portion of society. You'll have winners, losers, babies born, people die and all of the other things that go along with life.  With the 30K you can also make some pretty accurate observations.  Read more after the break.

Most of my interaction with Tech students is at "Nightmare on 19th Street."  This interaction happens year round since an area close by in frequently rented by fraternities.  I can tell you for a fact that the fraternities that I've dealt with are really nothing more than organized crime outfits.  The conspire to drink, steal and vandalize  and use a checkbook to buy their way out of situations. They are experts at shaking your hand, then stabbing you in the back.  These are the people that grow up and cheat old ladies of their retirements.

Sure, there's a few that are "innocent" and those are usually the ones the other ones throw under the bus when there is some accountability at hand.  The Greek system has failed.  It isn't about service anymore, its a brotherhood of racketeers.  As for sororities, I really can't pick them apart, the worst I can blame on any of the sisters is a "snotty attitude" and that's only with some. Even those with an attitude of superiority tend to do good work in the community and for that I can respect them.


On the other hand, there are the athletes at Texas Tech. These are gracious, hard working students that have fought for every break they've achieved. They are frequently tempted, but most stay true to their character and keep their nose clean. They say "yes sir" and "yes mam" and open doors for ladies.  The men are 'gentlemen" and the girls are "ladies".   We all to frequently root against Texas Tech because of our dislike for coaches or administrators but it's important to remember that the athletes underneath them are slugging it out for an education and trying to WIN despite the odds being stacked against them.

So that's the bad and the good about Texas Tech, what's the "ugly"?  I'd have to saw much of  it would be in the administration. All too frequently misbehavior is swept under the rug or ignored.  Maybe it's because they can't keep a finger on everything, or maybe it's because they know where the money is coming from,  but I really feel like "character" is an issue all the way to the top. From looking down their noses at Lubbock in general to sleezy deals like the firing of Mike Leach, the University often comes off as a bully seeking growth or status at any costs. The problem is, we know that bullies are people who are just overcompensation for their own failures and lack of accomplishments.

I really don't want end on that note. I'd like to say I just pointed out three little areas at Texas Tech that when compared to the rest of the student population mean practically nothing.  Since the student base is 30K there's pretty much every segment of society in there and most are just hard working kids trying to get an education and/or prepared for real life.  So what are your thoughts? Have you ever had a "positive" fraternity experience? Do you think the athletes are too pampered? I can only write from my experience and I'd love for you to share yours.