Yesterday myself and our bro Landon King from our sister station KOOL FM went on the great lobster hunt at the Golden Corral here in town and with no surprise to anyone it was a bust, but you will never guess why.

I was sitting on my couch a few days ago and I saw a commercial advertising lobster tail at Golden Corral. So when you order your buffet you can pay an additional $3.99 and they will prepare you a lobster tail. I was floored by this because I love me some lobster and Golden Corral, what a great conversation.

When I came to work I literally started begging Wes if I could bail and eat some buffet with lobster. Wes didn't want to go so I turned my focus on Landon King. I told him about the wonder of lobster at GC and I finally convinced him to roll out with me and I would pay for his lobster.

When we roll into the parking lot there it was in bug letters on GC sign out front Lobster Tail $3.99 and we were stoked. So we walk into the GC and Landon walks up to the lady that's taking the money for the buffet and he says "Ma'am, So are you the one that catches the lobster?" and her response was "No I hate seafood" Landon replied "Well alrighty then, I will take a lobster tail for $3.99 please ma'am"

"Oh I'm sorry sir we don't start the lobster tail til 4pm." Landon literally gave me a look that I will never forget the only look I could compare it to is if you walked in of your girl cheating on you. It was a look of disgust and disappointment.

I also didn't tell him that it was not an all you can eat lobster tail, it was 1 tail!

It will take a long time for Landon to forgive me for him not getting his lobster tail.